Bulb shape / fan shape - shaving brush shapes

Having a closer look at the shaving brushes available on the market, different shapes of shaving brush heads will be noticed. To say first, there is no "perfect form" of a shaving brush. Depending on whether you are a bowl or a face latherer, you will maybe prefer a certain brushform over the time. Many shaving enthusiasts appreciate a variety regarding shaving brush shapes. There are actually two common types of shaving brush forms: bulb shape and fan shape. Beside the shape of a shaving brush, also the loft, the knot diameter and the grade of the hair will affect the performance of a shaving brush.

Bulb Shaped Shaving Brush - Wiborg Shaving

Bulb shaped shaving brush

A bulb shaped shaving brush has a round knot head, which results from the shorter hair around the knot. Because of the round binding of the shaving brush head, less hair is in direct contact with the skin. With bulb shaped shaving brushes you have more control over the shaving brush and you can accurately apply the lather on the face. This type of binding can be useful, if you prefer to lather the shaving cream or soap in a shaving bowl, before applying it on the face.

Fan shaped shaving brushFan Shaped Shaving Brush - Wiborg Shaving

A fan shaped shaving brush has flat loft, also called fan shaped loft. The outer hairs are similar long as the inner hairs of the knot. This results in a larger surface area of hair, which is in direct contact with the skin. Fan shaped shaving brushes are often used for face lathering. With fan shaped lofts more soap can be absorbed, which is benefiting for face lathering.

It should be noted, that these are just personal preferences and depending on your beard and skin type you will maybe have other preferences.