Badger hair grades of shaving brushes

Nowadays mainly badger hair is used to manufacture exclusive shaving brushes. The badger hair can hold the right amount of water for a perfect lather production. In addition the tips of the badger hair feels very soft and pleasant on the face, although the badger hair has the necessary backbone to absorb the soap or the shaving cream. There are many different qualities of badger hair. In the following article we will name the factors, which influences the quality of the badger hair and we explain, in which quality categories our shaving brushes are classified.


Badger hair and its quality characteristics

The badger hair is a natural product, therefor the qualities of badger hair can vary from batch to batch. Many factors determine the quality of the badger hair. A determining factor is from which part of the badger coat the hair has been taken. The finest and highest quality hair comes from the neck and back area of the coat. These hairs are very soft at the tips and they have a very distinctive color gradient. The color drawing begins with light grey on the hair roots and turns itself in the middle range from dark brown into black and ends with the silver colored tips. The pronounced gradient becomes less in the area of the page coat and disappears completely in the area of the abdomen. Badger hair with a pronounced color gradient are considered as especially valuable.


Classification of badger hair into quality categories

Wiborg Shaving classifies the offered badger hair qualities into the following grades: